The Diversity of Meratus Mountains Geopark Fauna

by in Geopark March 19, 2019

Located in the Southern Borneo region, the Meratus Mountains Geopark has an abundance of diverse flora and fauna. Borneo has two large geographical features, namely lowlands and highlands. The lowland areas in South Borneo are mostly peatlands and swamps which make them rich in biodiversity in the form of freshwater animals. While the high plains are mostly natural tropical forests which are still protected by the government as conservation areas.

There are many types of fauna that live in the Meratus Mountains Geopark area. Visitors can find their own diversity of fauna by visiting the Meratus Mountains Geopark.


There are quite a number of types of mammals that can be found in the Meratus Mountains Geopark region, one of which is the mascot of South Borneo, which is Proboscis monkey (Nasalis Larvatus). There are also other mammals such as Gray Apes (Maccaca irrus), Honey Bears (Hylarotis malayanus), Pelaihari Kijang (Muntiacus salvator), Sambar Deer (Cervus unicular) and Gibbons (Hylobatus mulleri). These fauna may often be found in conservation forests. Visitors may also be able to meet several types of forest cats, mongoose or small squirrels in the forests of the Meratus Mountains Geopark.

Frogs, Monitor lizards and Butterflies

In the Meratus Mountains Geopark there are quite a variety of reptiles such as various types of frogs, monitor lizards and geckos. Visitors can find various types of reptiles at the Bajuin Waterfall. In the Sultan Adam Community Forest Park, visitors will find various types of frogs that may have never been seen before. Some can also meet the Borneo cobra. In addition there are various types of butterflies that might be found if they are included in the natural forests of South Borneo.


Because it has many swamps, South Borneo has various types of freshwater fish. Some of the fish including protected fish are haruan fish (Ophiocephalus striatus), betok fish (Anabas testudineus), sepat siam fish (Trichogaster pectoralis), and tambakan fish (Helostoma temmincki).

Birds and Chickens

Of course visitors will also see various kinds of birds in the forests of the Meratus Mountains Geopark. There are various kinds of jungle fowl, owls called kukulai, pigeons, divers birds, grouse, lathe, egrets, serindit birds, buburak birds, and bantiungan.

That was a number of different types of fauna that might be found in the beautiful Meratus Mountains Geopark region.

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