The Geopark Meratus Logo

The Geopark Meratus Logo

The Geopark Meratus logo reflects the precious gem of the Meratus diamond, known for its high value. Within it is depicted the culture of the Banjar people who engaged in trade along the Martapura River, where its source is from the Meratus Mountains, inhabited by the Dayak Meratus people with their various traditions in preserving the flora and fauna. This makes the Meratus Mountains area a part of the world’s lungs, the roof of South Kalimantan, and a source of livelihood for all the people of South Kalimantan and its surrounding regions. The social interaction between the Banjar people, the Dayak Meratus people, and other ethnic groups portrays a high spirit of equality, mirroring the essence of Borneo’s spirit.

The Meaning & Philosophy of Colors
  1. The main shape of the logo resembles a diamond, which is a product of the formation of the Meratus Mountains and symbolizes “Banua Menyinari Dunia” (Borneo Illuminating the World). The diamond is depicted in blue, signifying peace and tranquility.

  2. At the top of the diamond, there is an illustration of the Meratus Mountains represented by green, symbolizing fertility and prosperity from the universe. There is also a stylized representation of Dayak ornamentation, signifying the Jubata (God) who provides safety and protection.

  3. In the middle, there is a silhouette of a person paddling a traditional canoe on a river, reflecting the traditional transportation and culture of the Banjar people. The river flows from the upstream Meratus to the downstream, depicted in shades of blue and green, signifying peace.

  4. At the bottom, it is written “Geopark Meratus” with the motto “Memuliakan Warisan Bumi Mensejahterakan Masyarakat Setempat” (Honoring Earth’s Heritage for the Well-being of Local Communities). The yellow color in the text represents the identity of the Banjar people, signifying fertility and prosperity.