A Wealth of the Greatest Nature
in Indonesia

The Geopark is a single geographic area that is merged, where the geological sites and landscape are managed holistically. Where the components of Geopark Region development include Society Development, Economy Development and Conservation.


Society Development

Biological Conservation

Fauna Conservation

Economy Development

The Oldest Ofiolite Overlays
in Indonesia

Meratus Mountains is a meso-tethys suture resulting from collision between Schwaner and Paternoster microcontinents in the Early Cretaceous period, in which its emplacement was done through the obduction process of detached oceanic slab which then rose to the surface due to the exhumation of Paternoster slab underneath (Satyana, 2003 -HAGI & IAGI; Satyana & Armandita, 2008-HAGI, Satyana, 2010-IPA; Satyana, 2012-AAPG).

Exhumation is the re-lifting of a mass that once sank. Meratus Mountains Geopark has a relatively tectonic activities. It is based on two tectonic sutures assessed with metamorphic evolution performed by Soesilo et.al. (2015) and limited by Paternoster Microcontinent.

Natural Resources of
Meratus Geopark

The Meratus Mountains are composed groups of Ultramafic, Malihan, Melange and breakthrough rocks (Ofiolite series) which are estimated to be Yura (150–200) years ago until Early / Lower Cretaceous (100-150) million years ago.

Meratus Mountain Geoarea
Barito Basin Geoarea
Asem-Asem Basin Geoarea
Geosite Location Maps

The Meaning of Logo,
Philosophy Meaning

  1. The logo is in the form of a hexagon-shaped Talawang (shield) weapon in which the top and bottom parts of it are sharpened, reflecting the identity of the Dayak Tribe of the Meratus Mountains in South Kalimantan Province.

  2. Talawang is decorated with Plant-Stylized ornaments which means as Jubata (God) that can provide safety and protection.

  3. There is a Geopark inscription at the top of Talawang with the motto Glorifying the Heritage of the Earth, Fostering the Welfare of Local Communities.

  4. At the Middle section, there are indentation lines representing the Meratus Mountains and the symbol of Diamond which is a natural product of South Kalimantan Province.

The Meaning of Logo,
Colors Meaning

  1. The bottom part of Talawang is White, which means sanctity and purity.

  2. The edges of Talawang are Brown, which means the Natural Force of the Meratus Mountains.

  3. Yellow and Red-colored ornaments means grandeur, glory, courage and as a sign of honor.

  4. The green color on Geopark inscription means fertility and prosperity of the universe.

Natural Resources Scope

The Meratus Mountains Geopark is divided into 3 Geoarea :

  1. Meratus Mountains Geoarea “Lower Yura-Cretaceous Ophiolite Beds”
  2. Barito Basin Geoarea “Barito Cavity is Eocene-Oligocene Aged”
  3. Asem-Asem Basin Geoarea “Asem-Asem Cavity Oligocene-Early Miocene”
Geological Diversity
  • Waterfall
  • Hot water
  • Landscape
  • Karst
  • Typical mineral
Cultural & Biological Diversity
  • Tradition and culture
  • History and cultural sites
  • Traditional crafts and food
  • Variety of flora
  • Variety of fauna

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