Geographically, the Meratus Mountains Geopark is located in the South Kalimantan Province and was designated as Indonesia’s National Geopark by the National Geopark Committee of Indonesia (KNGI) in 2018, making it the first geopark in Kalimantan.

The Meratus Mountains Geopark, with its main theme of ‘The Spirit of Borneo,’ consists of four travel routes: the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western routes. These routes are designed with names that represent the characteristics and diversity of the Meratus Mountains Geopark and can be explored over a period of 5 days, covering a total of 54 sites.

The Meratus Mountains Geopark covers an area of approximately 3,645.01 km², encompassing six regencies and cities, including Banjarbaru, Banjarmasin, Hulu Sungai Selatan, Tapin, Barito Kuala, and Banjar. Within the Geopark area, there are several indigenous groups of South Kalimantan, namely the Banjar and Dayak Meratus tribes.