The Theme of Geopark Meratus

The convergence of two continents brought it forth from the depths of the ancient ocean, 200 million years ago, giving birth to a vibrant new life. The green mountains become a home to diverse flora and fauna. Vast fields of ancient rocks tell the tale of the earth’s history, accompanied by the songs of insects and the rustling of leaves, forming a universal musical drama.

The Banjar and Dayak peoples, two siblings united under its embrace, blend in symphony. They create cultures and traditions, the fruits of the mountainous landscapes, along with the meandering and dancing rivers. These traditions they steadfastly preserve to this day.

Meratus guarantees human life with all its riches, both those visible on the surface and those hidden within the earth. The diversity of nature and culture, the reciprocal relationship between nature and humanity, shape a harmonious land of Borneo that possesses a unique soul. Meratus is the soul of Borneo.