Sneakpeek The Beauty of Flora Richness in Meratus Mountains Geopark

by in Geopark March 5, 2019

The Meratus Mountains geopark is located in the South Borneo region. Indeed, the Province of South Borneo is in the southeast of the island of Borneo and has an area in the form of lowlands in the west and east coast and highlands formed by the Meratus Mountains in the middle.

Because it has highlands and lowlands, the South Borneo region has a variety of biodiversity that should be seen. The lowland area of South Borneo is still dominated by peatlands and swamps which are a place to live for various freshwater animals.

While the highlands formed by the Meratus Mountains are still largely natural tropical forests protected by the government.

The natural highland area of the Meratus Mountains apparently holds a variety of beautiful flora that visitors should not miss. The following are some of the richness of the flora which is the attraction of the Meratus Mountains Geopark.

Meratus Orchid

With its natural conditions which are still in the form of tropical forests, making various types of orchids easily found in the forests in the Meratus Mountains Geopark. Some famous orchid species that can be found in the Meratus Mountain Geopark are: Acantheppium, Arundia, Bulbophylum, Cymbodium, Calanthe, Ceologyne, Dendrobium, Eria, Grammothphylum, Phapiopedilum, Spathoglottis, and Vanda.

In addition to these wild orchids there are also protected orchids, namely: Grammatophyllum speciosum or sugar cane orchids and Spathoglottis Urea or spoon orchids.

Woody tree

In addition to orchids, Borneo is famous for its diverse and strong woody trees in its forests. There are various types of woody trees that can be found in the Meratus Mountains Geopark.

Some that can be seen are: ulin wood or ironwood (Eusideroxylon Zwageri), Meranti, Wangun (Evodia Spp), Halaban (Vitex Pubescens), Tarap (Arthocarpus Spp), Bilayang (Amoora Spp), Bilayang Putih (Aglio Sp), Palawan (Cratoxylon Glaucum), Bamboo (Bamboo), Binuang Wood (Octomeles Sp), Putat (Baringtonia Sp), Nyamplung (Calloophylum Sp), and Forest Durian (Dorio Sp).

Fruit Tree in Borneo

In the Meratus Mountains Geopark, visitors can also see various kinds of typical Borneo fruits. The fruits are also unique and may be difficult to find outside of South Borneo.

Visitors can enjoy various types of fruit such as: Aritam (some kind of rambutan without hair), Siwau (some kind of rambutan that is not hairy too), Asam Hurang (a small mango that tastes sweet), Tandul (a type of mango that tastes very sour and is usually used only as salad) , Lahung (a type of long and pointed furian durian with dark red skin), and Mantaula (a type of durian that has thick skin and has a very distinctive taste).

That was some information of the flora uniqueness that can be found when visiting Meratus Mountains Geopark. There are still many things that can be seen from the diversity of flora that grows in the Meratus Mountain Geopark region. And this is the main attraction of the Meratus Mountains.

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