Archaeological Site Attractions in South Borneo – Indonesia

by in Geopark March 19, 2019

One part of the Meratus Mountains Geopark which is certainly not to be missed is the presence of various interesting archeological sites for learning. If you come from or live in South Borneo, you must visit this place!

Being part of the cultural diversity that exists in the province of South Borneo, this archaeological site shows a variety of things that have happened in the past of indigenous ancestors from South Borneo.

The various archeological sites found here can be divided into two types based on their period, namely archaeological sites from prehistoric times and archaeological sites dating from historical times.

Prehistoric Site

One of the prehistoric sites can be found upstream of the Riam Kanan River on the southwest slope of the Meratus Mountains, known as the Awangbangkal site. There, founded some tools made from stone. The Awangbangkal site is referred to as the first paleolithic cultural site in Borneo.

Then in the Upper Riam Kanan River from the Hajawa and Paao River there is the Rantau Balai site. In the Rantau Balai site, various discoveries were found in the form of impact axes, core stones, sheets, and chopped porcelain. Research shows that these tools with techniques show the characteristics of paleolithic culture.

Still from Riam Kanan, a paleolithic cultural site was also found on the site of Sirang Island. From the site of Pulau Sirang axes were found, core stones, flakes, high-backed shavings, and pruning claws.

Historical Site

There are quite a number of historical sites that can be found in South Borneo. Like the Sipei River site, where there were various historical findings in the form of pottery, ceramics, iron slag, brick fragments and much more.

Then there is the Cindai Alus site with findings in the form of pottery, katambung, wooden spoons and coconut shells, oval-shaped containers, wooden weapons, wooden hammers, tugal, bark, woven palm fibers, shingles, and resin.

Then the Lok Udat site with very many findings and spread in 5 sectors. The findings include ceramics (plates, bowls, spoons), stoneware (bottles, open containers, and jars), pottery (closed containers, stoves, and jugs), glass bottles, metals, coconut shells, fibers, agarwood, wood tools, (tops, batons, bark, buckets, mortar, paddles and fishing nets), metals, iron ore, iron crust, and beads.

Actually there are still many other archeological sites that can be explored when coming to South Borneo. By visiting the Meratus Mountains Geopark visitors can go around and learn a lot from various archeological sites scattered in the Meratus Mountains Geopark area.

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