Marble Cave & Bajuin Waterfall

  • The geosite location of Bajuin Waterfall & Marble Cave, located in Tanah Laut Regency, distance is about 10 km from the town center of Pelaihari with a journey time of approximately 20 minutes to arrive at the location.
  • The condition of the road to get to the Geosite Bajuin from Tanah Laut City is quite good, that is asphalt, while on the location of the geosite there is a road that has been casted with cement.
  • At the location to Geosite there is an access road that has been made stairs to the location, the present condition of part of the road to the location is partly damaged and not maintained. Geosite locations can be accessed by using 2-wheeled vehicles or with 4 wheels.
Rocks Type
Surrounding Scenery
Bajuin Waterfall​
Bajuin Waterfall​
Bajuin Waterfall​