Kahung Waterfall Belangian Village, Balangan Regency

  • Belangian Village can only be reached via the waterway with a travel time of + 2 hours drive (+ 19 km), from the Port of Riam Kanan to the Port of Belangian Village.
  • From Belangian Village heading to Geosite Kahung, it is a 2-wheeled motorized vehicle, then proceed on foot.
  • The use of 2-wheeled vehicles only reaches the Twin Shelter (station 1), then walks + 6 hours to Kahung Waterfall.
Moon Orchid
Dead fruit
Forest Mushroom
Hammerhead Worms
Kakariang Animal
Banyan Tree
Binuang Tree
Mawai Tree
Luweng Animal
Meranti Tree
Meranti Tree
Rawali Tree
Kelulut Honey Honeycomb