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Variety of Traditions & Customs

Siring Floating Market

Siring Floating Market The Siring Sungai Martapura floating market is located in the center of Banjarmasin, close to the Banjarmasin Pandang Tower tour and the

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Other Variety of Traditions & Customs


Eggplant Flower Tattoos
Medicine Specialist Tattoo
The Process of Making Dayak Tattoos

Variety of Traditional Houses

  • Bubungan Tinggi House
  • Gajah Baliku House
  • Palimasan House
  • Balai Bini House
  • Tadah Alas House
  • Gajah Manyusu House
  • Balai Laki House
  • Palimbangan House
  • Cacak Burung House
  • Lanting House
  • Joglo Gudang House Joglo Banjar House
  • Bangun Gudang House
  • Panjang House
  • Balai House
  • Baloy House