History & Cultural Sites

History & Cultural Sites

Dayak Tribe Traditional Hall

Dayak Tribe Traditional Hall Kapul Village-Balangan Regency Sarumpun Traditional Hall is Dayak Tribe building in the form of an elongated stilt house, located in the

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Malaris Traditional Hall Malaris Traditional Hall is a Borneo traditional house in the form of a stage house which has an elongated shape. Malaris Traditional

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Wasaka Museum

Wasaka Museum Wasaka Museum is a museum of South Kalimantan people’s struggle history. Wasaka Museum stands for Waja Sampai Kaputing which is the struggle motto

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Banjar Traditional House

Banjar Traditional House Is one type of Banjar Traditional House located in Kandangan, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency. This building serves as a museum that stores

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Other History & Cultural Sites

Dayak Meratus Tribes

  • Dayak Pitap
  • Dayak Alai
  • Dayak Atiran dan Dayak Kiyu
  • Dayak Hantakan (Dayak Bukit)
  • Dayak Labuan Amas
  • Dayak Loksado (Dayak Amandit)
  • Dayak Harakit (Dayak Tapin)
  • Dayak Paramasan
  • Dayak Kayu Tangi
  • Dayak Bangkalaan
  • Dayak Sampanahan
  • Dayak Riam Adungan
  • Dayak Bajuin

Traditional Houses

  • Bubungan Tinggi House
  • Gajah Baliku House
  • Palimasan House
  • Balai Bini House
  • Tadah Alas House
  • Gajah Manyusu House
  • Balai Laki House
  • Palimbangan House
  • Cacak Burung House
  • Lanting House
  • Joglo Gudang House or Joglo Banjar House
  • Bangun Gudang House
  • Panjang House
  • Balai House
  • Baloy House

Archaeological Site Discovery

The discovery in the form of results or products from ancient human activities in the form of handwriting on the walls of the cave or products for hunting and gathering. Where conditions are still underway research and excavation processes.

Site Distribution Map in South Kalimantan Province
Wall Painting in Liang Bangkai Cave