Biology (Flora)

Flora Varieties

Other Flora Varieties

1. Various Meratus Orchid Flowers, such as :

  • Acantheppium,
  • Aerides,
  • Arundina,
  • Bulbophylum,
  • Cymbodium,
  • Calanthe,
  • Coelogyne,
  • Dendrobium,
  • Eria,
  • Grammothphylum,
  • Phapiopedilum,
  • Spathoglottis,
  • Vanda,

there are 2 (two) protected species of orchids, namely Grammatophyllum speciosum (sugar cane orchid) and Spathoglottis Urea (spoon orchid)

Various Orchids
Amorphophallus titanum
Meratus Mountains Orchids

2. Woody trees, such as:

  • Ulin or Ironwood (Eusideroxylon Zwageri),
  • Meranti,
  • Wangun (Evodia Sp.),
  • Halaban (Vitex Pubescens),
  • Tarap (Arthocarpus Sp.),
  • Bilayang (Amoora Sp.),
  • Bilayang Putih (Agloia Sp.),
  • Palawan (Cratoxylon Glaucum),
  • Bamboo (Bamboo),
  • Binuang Wood (Octomeles Sp.),
  • Putat (Baringtonia Sp.),
  • Jingah (Gluta Rengas),
  • Tengkawang (Dracontomeles),
  • Karamunting (Rhodohyrtus Filimentosa),
  • Nyamplung (Callophylum Sp.),
  • Durian Forest (Dorio Sp.),
  • Rubber (Hevea)
Ulin - Meranti - Jingah
Ulin Wood Benefits

3. Typical Borneo fruit, such as :

  • Aritam (a type of rambutan but not hairy),
  • Siwau (also the type of rambutan is also not hairy),
  • Asam Hurang (small mango tastes sweet),
  • Tandui (a type of mango but tastes very sour, usually liked only to be used as salad),
  • Lahung (a type of long and pointed furry durian with dark red skin color),
  • Mantaula (a type of thick thorny thick durian that tastes distinctive)
Binjai Wanyi - Lahung - Asam Tandui
Various Mushrooms
Kasturi Mango
Various Fruits

4. Ethnobotany, revealing the traditional knowledge system of a community or ethnic group regarding the diversity of biological resources, conservation and culture.

Ethnobotany Varieties
Herbs Example
Jengger Ayam Flowers