Bekantan Island

NO. SITE : 32
Bekantan Island
LocationDesa Tiwingan Lama, Kecamatan Aranio Kabupaten Banjar
CoordinateLatitud : 3° 31’ 36.28”
Longitud : 115° 3’ 0.41”
CharacteristicsBiology Site
RouteEast Route
FunctionsResearch, Education, and Nature Tourism

Bekantan Island is in the Riam Kanan Lake, Tiwingan Lama Village, Aranio District, Banjar Regency. It is 3.5 km from for about 3.5 km, by an engine boat or referred to by the local community as “Klotok”. It was a result of earth events (geology) originating from the Manungul Formation was 59-65 million years ago (Late Cretaceous) and deposited submarine fan depositional environment, is an island in Riam Kanan Lake. The area of 40 hectares was opened in 2018 is a conservation area for long-nosed monkeys (bekantan monkeys) managed by the Sultan Adam Mandiangin Forest Park (Tahura). It consist of 2 islands connected by a bridge, where the first island is a bekantan monkey conservation area and the second island with few overnight lodges for visitors.